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Vitae Team Academy

Lesson 4  -  3:00 min

The easiest Way to attract People for the Vitae Business

Great Vitae Pitch: 3 questions

1. Do you know Facebook? (everybody says yes)

2. Which is your favorite social media platform? (suggest a few and remember the answer)

3. When was the last time you got paid for using ....... ?

(People will look strange so be patient for the answer)


And then they say: I never get paid for using ....

And then you can answer: I got to know a new Social media platform which pays for your activities on the platform. If you want to know how that works lets make a appointment or join me at the Zoom-Meeting

This really is a great, simple, effective and duplicatable Pitch

2nd Text-Pitch:
Speech for networkers

How would the Perfect Network Marketing Organization actually look like?
Imagine: You - your team/downline would be 100% active, everybody would earn money and
never again would anyone quit or resign.
For the first time you would have 100% stability in your network!

Sounds a bit like land of plenty...doesn't it!

What if it would work?
Because ... something like this is starting now ...
Just check it out ... 7pm tonight at the webinar ... See you there

3rd Text-Pitch:
Speech for everyone

Would YOU like to become a co-owner of a social media platform?
(Answer: Yes/Maybe/How should this work)

You have exactly the opportunity right NOW.

How it works! Watch the webinar tonight at 7pm